What’s Brushing Buddha’s Teeth Robots Contest??


hamigaki buddha

I saw news about very strange “Brushing Teeth Robot Contest” was held in [W:Fukui Prefecture].

This annual contest was started to celebrate “Good Teeth Day” on November 8th, and it was the third time last year.


The keystone of the contest is that “the great Buddha is going to have a bad tooth, please save the great Buddha from mutans streptococcus with your brushing teeth robots.”

On each participant’s robot, a regular tooth brush was attached, and each robot brushed the great Buddha’s teeth with its original motion.

The participants and the supporters got really excited with the heated robot match!

Brushing Buddha’s Teeth Robots Contest


This contest was held after the historical fact that “When Buddha got spiritual enlightenment under a linden tree, he realized that body odor and bad breath are filthiness of mind and body, and he cleaned his teeth with a twig of the linden. Buddha is the originator of brushing teeth.”

I had never known that such contest exists on the same island I live! 😯

It’s unique and kind of nonsense, huh?


This is JAPAN Style!


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