iPhone Photo Gallery by iPhonegrapher with Excellent Taste !


Recently, I bought iPhone and it is great.

The functions it has are Internet, camera, movie, and soft wears including google map, twitter, facebook, evernote and ebay.

You can do anything with this, it’s a powerful smartphone.

It’s very handy and I like it so much but one thing I wasn’t happy about was the camera function.

I can’t use the camera well.

Because I thought the performance wasn’t very good, I always took my digital camera with me instead; however, now I realized it’s not because of poor performance but a poor cameraman.

I found an awesome Japanese website named “sasurau (wander)”, which shows the picture taken with an iPhone 3GS.

The cameraman’s name is Koichi Mitsui.

I have never met this person, so I don’t know about him but I guess he is a professional cameraman.

He calls himself iPhonegrapher.

The photos are so cool that I can’t believe they were taken with an iPhone.



Air: There is Still the Feel of New Year


Very Autumn


Underground Shopping Arcade in Shinjuku

yodobashi camera

Store Items Flying off the Shelves

nex year

2009-2010: May the Next Year Be Happy for You


Cat and Dog: On an Alley in Ningyo-cho


Coast Road: Huge Bridge Hangs

take a walk

The Sun Goes Down, Let’s go home




Typhoon Is Coming


Do you like them? My favorite is the 7th bridge one.

I think photograph is more about sensibility of a cameraman than a camera it self.

If you are interested in the works, there are more pictures taken by the iPhonegrapher in his flickr site.

flickr site


This is JAPAN Style!


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