Games and Digital Ads in Men’s Public Bathroom

SEGA, a Japanese game company is now testing its new game machine for public bathrooms at bars and game arcades in Tokyo area.



The toilet game machine “Toilets” currently has four kinds of games including urine measuring and water pressure competition with the previous player. The games involve the sensor attached to a urinal. The animations are shown on a screen above the urinal as well as advertisements. Let’s see a Manneken Pis playing Toilets!



Advertisement above a urinal can be very effective because when a man uses a urinal, he naturally sees the wall in front of him.
According to the Toilets website, the games are available at Yoronotaki and Ikkkenme-Sakaba (both are Japanese style dining bar) in Ikebukuro until February 6, 2011; at Festival Walk in Soga, Chiba, and SEGA in Akihabara until January 31, 2011 (the closing date may be changed.)



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