A Horror-Movie-Like Phone Booth

Let me introduce a blog post from a Japanese entertainment site that I introduce frequently on Japan Style.

It is about a phone booth.


telephone box

In Chino, Nagano, there are phone booths in front of Chino station.
They turn into bright green in the evening.


phone booths

Like this.


phone booths

They look like this from an angle. Spooky…


phone booths

There is a stickers of NTT, a Japanese major telephone company.
So they must be qualified telephone booths.



The blogger has no idea why its illumination is green. The appearance is horrifying, isn’t it? 😯

However, most of the phones in the booths were gray.

Since cell phones are so popular, pay phones are disappearing in Japan. Well, I did not know that there were still such unique pay phones.

So, it was about phone booths even local Japanese get frightened. ^_^


Source: Daily Portal Z



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