Rabbits Relax You at Rabbits Café


Cats cafés are not so unusual anymore in Japan, but rabbit cafés are fairly new! A few months ago, the very first rabbit café in Kanto region opened in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Just like a cat café, the customers can interact with rabbits while having beverages.

Including Netherland Dwarf and French Lop, the café has 5 breeds of 11 rabbits are pedigree and from rabbit store that the owner’s relative runs.

The star rabbit at the café is Matsuko, a fluffy French Lop.



Since 2011 is a rabbit year, the café has been introduced by many newspapers, magazines and TV shows.

The “Usagi Café” is one minute walk from JR Ishikawacho Station. There are tourist attractions such as China town, Yokohama Stadium, and Yamashita Koen Park in the area. The café opens 11am to 8pm throughout the year.

Usagi Café website (in Japanese)


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