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Japanese China Coffee (tea) Cup & Saucer set

    This is Japanese brand TOIN’s coffee cups and saucer, set of 2. The saucer is designed like a yummy donuts. The set comes with a wooden stand and a cute…

Cute Characters in a Japanese Old Medical Book

Long time ago, in Japan, illness was commonly believed to be the act of malevolent creatures inside the body. A medical book written in 1568, “Harikikigaki” introduces 63 of those…

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Style Decoration, Kagami Mochi

    This is a Japanese traditional ornament. It’s for New Year decoration, but suitable for interior ornament too.  

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Interior Decoration (charm against evil)

    This is a Japanese traditional ornament. It’s for mainly new year decoration such as a talisman against evil. Wall hangings is OK.  

$0.99 Start !!! Japanese Kawaii Lion Dance Ornament

    This is a Japanese traditional lion dance ornament.  

The Temple with Unique Door in Tokyo

    I found this blog sharing some pictures of a unique temple in Tokyo. It’s in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.   It’s a main hall of the temple. Let’s go closer……

MIMIKAKI — Japanese Earpicks

Japanese people love mimikaki (ear picks)! They use mimikaki as well as cotton swabs to clean their ears, so everyone has a couple of them at home. There are all…

KAWAII! Japanese Kyo-yaki Salt Case

This is Japanese Kyo-yaki (Shimizu-yaki) salt case. China ware.   Made in JAPAN! This is JAPAN Style!   You should follow me on Twitter HERE.     If the eBay…