Easy Spa Effect? Best Thing to Add to Your Bath

Winter is probably the best season to appreciate bath, and there are so many types of bath salt available in the market, ranging from traditional local hot spa extract to aromatic oil.  Today, I would like to introduce an article about bath ingredients you can find at home!


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As it is winter, our expectation to bath automatically jumps up so high.  It simply has to be something we can enjoy like a spa; something warms us up before going to bed; smells and feels nice so that we can enjoy long bath.

So, in order to find enjoyable bath ingredients from home kitchen, the writer of this article prepared many kind of possible bath ingredients to try in his bath.

Dried mandarin orange zest is a typically used as home-made spa ingredient, but this writer also prepared some old milk, wine, honey, vinegar, starch, and coffee etc. … Wow, I already don’t fancy coffee bath at all!!  Anyway, what would be good options for bath??

According to an expert, English tea is the best to have a long bath for its nice and relaxing smell.  From the viewpoint of health and nice feeling, red wine seems to be highly recommendable as this keeps you nice and warm and good for your skin!


Ok, so is there anything we have to be careful using general ingredients for bath?


Well, apparently, starch may clog the drain so it is not recommended for bath.  It is also important to cleanse bath regularly if you use tea or wine for your bath as your bath can be coloured by them.  Also, if you are going to use orange zest, it is important that you sun-dry the zest for a few days so that it will not irritate your skin.


Based on this expert recommendation, the writer added 3 glasses of red wine in his bath one day, and guess what?  He did felt warmer than usual after bath, feeling a bit luxury, too!

It seems he also tried several other ingredients but his recommendation goes to salt and honey.  Salt makes you skin so smooth, and sweet scent of honey makes you relax very well!

I have actually tried salt bath before  and as he describe, salt does make your skin smooth, and keeps you warm than normal bath, so I also recommend salt bath in winter!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know your favourite bath, too!  😮


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