Japanese Team Challenges GUINNESS for Huge Mosaic Art !!!




The other day, I happened to find a unique event that will be going on in Japan in the end of the year.

It’s a big project called “Challenging the Guinness World Record with a Huge Mosaic Art”.


The members of “Project M” in Nagato city, [W:Yamaguchi Prefecture], collect 120,000 photos from all over the world to make a huge mosaic art to break the latest Guinness World Record, which was made in the UK’s with 113,000 photos.


The project staff told me that they have been working on familiarizing the Nagato-born poet of nursery rhyme, [W:Misuzu Kaneko]’s tender heart to the whole country while promoting the tourism of Nagato City for about ten years.

Each year, they have accomplished a different project, and this year’s project was determined as an anniversary.


Keneko Misuzu Memorial Museum (Japanese)


They want photos from all over the world, so please send YOUR picture to them!!

Take picture with a digital camera or cell phone and send through the site.

The completed mosaic art will be 32 meters long and 42 meters wide!

They’ll accept photos until this Friday, the 25th (Japanese time).

They will complete the work by December 31st, and exhibit it from January 1st to 9th.


Now, they need about 1,250 more photos to achieve 120,000!!!

You can send a photo from this site (English) below.

There is no so much time left, so send your photo NOW!


— SEND from HERE —



Oh, another important thing.

It has to be a smile photo, no frown, no crying, no grumpy!! 😛

Say cheese!




This is JAPAN Style!


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