5 Japanese Christmas Songs

This weekend is finally a Christmas! You may hear a lot of Christmas songs in your town. It is the same here in Japan.

The songs listed below are popular Japanese Christmas songs and winter songs that people want to listen to on a Christmas day.


Photo by モアナ


– Christmas Eve (1983) by Tatsuro Yamashita

This is very very popular Christmas song in Japan. It is played at everywhere during Christmas season. It is written in Japanese, but he sings English version too. This video is Christmas Eve, English version.




– Winter Song (1994) by Dreams Come True

A Japanese music duo, Dreams Come True’s 14th single. It is a beautiful love ballad sung in English. Here is the song.




– Shiroi Koibitotachi (2001) (Lovers in White) by Keisuke Kuwata

Keisuke Kuwata is the lead singer of the Southern All-Stars (pop/rock band). He was inspired by a French film “13 Jours en France” when he wrote this song. The following video has English subtitle.




– White Love (1997) by SPEED

SPEED is a girl’s music group consisting of 4 girls from Okinawa. This pop song with R&B twist sold 2 million. It’s been over 10 years since its release, it is still a popular karaoke song among women.




– Hurry Christmas (2007) by L’arc en Ciel

It is a Japanese visual-kei band, L’arc en Ciel’s Jazzy Christmas song. The MV is very Christmassy and cute.



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