Maid Cosplay Café Train Ran Tokyo and Saitama

Maid café is a cosplay restaurant where waitresses dressed in maid costumes and treat customers as masters and mistresses. It is not too much to say that “maid café” became a part of Japanese culture in the recent years.

The popularity of maid café led some Japanese railway companies to offer maid trains, in which the passengers are treated as masters by maids, just like at a maid café.


Left: “fukapon” some rights reserved. flickr Right: “tirol28” some rights reserved. flickr


On December 11, an express train of Seibu Railway running between Ikebukuro, Tokyo and Chichibu, Saitama, turned into a maid train and took 360 “masters” to 6-hour dreaming trip.


“Ticket for Maid Train”

Photo by ITABITO


360 seats got immediately sold out when they were released last month. While the other maid trains run country side, this one departed from Tokyo, which is convenient for the passengers, so getting the tickets were highly competitive.

Inside of the train was decorated with maid posters and trimmings to give the feel of maid café. During the trip, the maids entertained the masters with games, photo session, talk show, and serving food and drinks.

In the future, there will be a maid plane!?


This is JAPAN Style!



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