Wasabi Stories vol.221: “Find Someone You Can Rely on Other Than Your Parents”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is comedian Katsuhiro Higo.

Higo is a popular comedian in Japan.

His mentioned about child-raising in his story. He is a father of 3 children.

His youngest son is 21 years old now. He has started his career as a comedian, same as Higo.

Higo was shocked when he found out that his son wanted to become a comedian.

Since he understands too well that it is a precarious work, he was wishing he would have chosen something else. However, he could not tell him what to do because he was a grown up man.


When his son showed the white feather and said he was so lonely that he wanted to go home, Higo just told him, “Be patient. You just need to hang on. Then things will get better.”


He brushed him off because he wanted him to find someone he could rely on other than his parents.

Then he talks about his daughter, Chiaki, 18 years old.

Her fellow students used to pick on her for her father being naked on TV and so forth. She was kind of quiet, and she did not fight back.

He felt sorry for her getting picked on, so he used to tell her that she could had cut school. But she attended school and she had never complained and asked him to stop doing embarrassing things on TV.

He is grateful that his children understood his work and grew up strong.


Higo says, “I noticed recently that not only the look but my son’s action is also resemblance to me. Even when he is feeling down for not going well with his work, he does not complain. And he keeps trying to strive for versatility. It reminds me of my salad days and brings a tear to my eyes.”


It was a story that Higo thinks each child has his own way and backing them up no matter what they do is a parent’s task.


The NIKKEI 03/03/2010 by Katsuhiro Higo (comedian)


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