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After the 3.11 disaster, people in Japan began to consider human relations more seriously. But how about relationships with their pets?  A few weeks ago, a Japanese pet insurance company held an internet survey (object: people having pets in 20-70’s/ men 63.6%, women 36.4%) in which pet owners were asked if they had experienced a change in their relationship with their pets since the events of 3.11. According to the survey, over 80% of the whole respondents answered “no big change”.

However, when you see the result narrowing down to the people living in Tohoku and Kanto areas, which suffered severe damage from the quake, you see different trends. “Having more time with my pet”(9.4%), “Reconsidered disaster measures about my pet”(7.2%), “Changed pet’s diet” (3.9%), “Began avoiding walks outside because of radiation”(2.0%).

Before 3.11, only 7.8% of the target people in Tohoku / Kanto gave their pets mineral water. And after the disaster, 12.3% offer mineral water to their pets. In other areas, the percentage didn’t grow so much (7.4%>>8.2%).  And 18.2% living in disaster stricken areas answered “More food and water are in stock than before the disaster”, while only 7.9% claim this in other areas. Attitudes seem to vary according to the region.

Pets are part of the family, and people care about their pets’ safety and health very seriously. But in case of emergency, it is quite difficult to evacuate with pets. It seems that no measures are too extreme when it comes to a pets’ well being.


Source: Business  Media Makoto


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