Wasabi Stories vol.212: “Talking Big is Sometimes Necessary”


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Today’s story-teller is baseball commentator Yasumitsu Toyoda.

When Toyoda was a professional baseball player, he said to other players before he stepped up to the plate, “ I will hit a home run. You can go now, take a bath and wait for me in there.” Then he really hit a home run to win the game.

Teammates in the bench were all surprised that he predicted what was going to happen by telling them to go and rest. It was something difficult to put into words.

If you declare impressively what you are going to do and fail in doing so, you will give an image as blowing your own horn. However, you might go beyond yourself by declaring proudly.

Toyoda is not strong minded. However, while he was trying to overcome the mental pressure, he became stronger.


Toyoda says, “Especially younger people should talk big. There are a lot of athletes who underperform a personal best and lose the game in the Olympics and so forth. It might be caused by the lack of self-belief. One might say that ‘running business at the level appropriate to one’ is good, but you cannot run a better business without flying high.”


He continues, “Talking tall all the time does not promise you to achieve your goal. But there must be someone who is watching how hard you are trying.” One might find you are acting like a big person still you are interesting and he may become a supporter.

It is not something like a manifesto of a politician, so we should not accuse them of failing to win games.

Finally Toyoda says that nobody can achieve goals if you do not trust what players say.


The NIKKEI 02/25/2010 by Yasumitsu Toyoda (baseball commentator)


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