Shibuya Hairstyle Tips for Men – Part 1


Not only women but young men take time to set their hair in Japan. The recent trend hairstyle is short to medium short length “volume on top.”

Adding volume to hair is very popular now among young Japanese people, and they call it “mori hair.” Mori or moru(verb) mean “heap up” but since about five years ago, young people started using the word to refer “over worn,” for example, “too much  make up” or “exaggerated story.”

Now let’s look at some mori hairstyle!




From the left, teased mori hair, Shibuya-Harajuku style, and spiky hair. There are videos that demonstrate the three hairstyles on Youtube. Today, I want to show the “teased mori hair.”

“Teased Mori Hair”

You need: hard type hair wax and hard hold hairspray.




Wet the hair and dry off with towel.

Pull up the hair around the whorl and dry with dryer.

Dry the hair around face while pulling it down.

Rub hair wax in your hands well and crumple the hair from the hairline along the neck as making the hair stand up.

Spray inside of the top hair, and then tease with a comb.

Make small bundles around the face and finish the hair.


The instructions for the other hairstyles will be coming up tomorrow! 😉



This is JAPAN Style!



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