Let’s Fold Toilet Tissues into Mt.Fuji and…?


Toilet tissues are sometimes folded into triangles, like in this photo below. Supposedly this fold signifies that “the cleaning is done”.



One day, a blogger thought that being around the toilet would be more fun if she could see not only triangles, but also other shapes on the tissues. And, she found an interesting Japanese language website called Toilet Paper Origami.


These are the directions, downloaded from the origami website,
for folding toilet tissue into the shape of Mt. Fuji.


Let’s start! All you need is a roll of toilet tissue.


It looks quite easy so far.


Done! This is obviously Mt. Fuji. See the snow line?


Here is a movie as well, demonstrating how to make Mt. Fuji out of toilet tissues.



Maybe all of us should learn how to make toilet tissue Mt. Fuji, go to the restrooms at Narita International Airport, and fold all the toilet tissues into the likeness of Mt. Fuji. Tourists from other countries will be very surprised and shout “Oh My God!!”


Let’s go to another shape.


I wonder what shape this is… Do you recognize it?


Wow! It’s a heart!!


It is much more kawaii (cute) when made with the pink toilet tissue.


OK! What’s next (^^)?


Hmmm… This seems a little complicated.


Look! It’s a crane.


Making cranes with regular origami, which are perfectly square, is easy. But it must be difficult when working with toilet tissues.


How could she manage to make a flower out of toilet tissues!?


Haha (^^).  Maybe you can take the flower to the table for a decoration.


And this is the most splendid one! 😯


A phoenix!? I can’t imagine how it is made. It’s just amazing!!


What are you going to do if you find an elaborate work of art like this in the toilet?


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!



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