Wasabi Stories vol.187: “Studying From Their Own Motive Develops the Ability”


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“Studying From Their Own Motive Develops the Ability”

Today’s story-teller is Seiichi Yoshida and the story is from an article regarding sports.

The story begins with a comment Yoshida heard from one of the major J. League players; “Despite they hope to improve their skills, there are a lot of young players who cannot figure their problems and find out what to do with them on their own. I feel sorry for them for not studying from their own motive.”


For example, a lot of players do not try to watch foreign games on videos and so forth to learn the other players’ skills. If you bring up information you got to discuss about it with them, some fellow players would tell you that you are argumentative and annoying.

Former head coach of Japan, Osim, used to focus on trend of world soccer. And even for Japanese, it is common for managers to do the same but for the players.


Yoshida says, “Something does not seem right. The players nowadays leave things like analyzing the needs and solving problems by studying the world trend to the managers. It seems like they are thinking what they have to do is to wait till they are told what to do next.”

“Being passive, surely they cannot have a deep discussion on soccer with the others. Yoshida is alarmed that there are few players who would study from their own motive and experience suffering.”

Meanwhile, he introduces words written in a book of sociologist Hidetoshi Kato: “School is like a dropout’s relief center. In fact, people who have motivation and strong will can be successful without going to school.”


The players who cannot think for themselves but just wait to be told what to do.

Finally, Yoshida says that one of the important tasks for the managers is to instill a spirit of self-education.


The NIKKEI 01/20/2010 by Seiichi Yoshida (unknown category)



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