The Biggest Imoni (Potato and Meat Soup) Festival in Japan


Imoni is a certain kind of potato and meat soup mostly eaten in Honshu’s Tohoku region. People usually have imoni parties with their families or friends, outside, like barbecue parties. [W:Yamagata prefecture] in particular is famous for the biggest annual imoni festival. It is held on the first Sunday of September. This Yamagata’s imoni festival is amazingly great.


Look at the photos below! No, it’s not a construction site. They are actually cooking imoni.




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Can you see a huge pot in the middle? The pot is 6 meters wide. Wow!



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Ingredients are added to the pot with the help of a crane.


Here is a movie, too.



A huge lid is about to be put on the pot. Everything is larger than life!



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Here you are (^^). This is the imoni soup.
It looks delicious, doesn’t it?



This year’s imoni festival was held on September 5th. The 3.3 tons of potatos and 1.2 tons of beef were cooked with 6 tons of water and a whopping 700 liters of shoyu. This massive batch of Imoni was enough to serve 30,000 people, but very hot weather kept many people away. At the end of the day there were enough leftovers to serve 6000! 😯



This is JAPAN Style!



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