“Good-Bye Fat” Senryu: Japanese Short Poetry


Hey, couch potato, do you want to work out at the gym and lose some unsightly weight?


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Yes, I do…


And how about you!?

Yes, of course I do too!


Even in Japan there are a lot of people who suffer from flabby bodies. The women-only gym called Curves Japan, located throughout the country, had an interesting project.

They collected “good-bye fat” senryu; Japanese short poetry.


Many women work out to say good-bye to their fat.


Senryu is very similar to haiku, which is in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 mores. Every haiku has a seasonal word, while senryu doesn’t. It is said that senryu is much more casual than haiku and lends itself better to being humorous. Curves Japan got 18,497 entries from the people who want to say good-bye to their fat.

How amazing (* _ *)!! 😯


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In the traditional style, a long strip of paper is used to record senryu or haiku.



Here is the poetry example which won the grand prize.


Kikarete derarenu,


In English, it reads like this:

How is it?

Can’t go out,

Fitting room.



I can clearly imagine a woman struggling with a tight clothes in a tiny fitting room. On the other side of the door, the sales clerks are waiting for the lady who wrote this senryu, but maybe she doesn’t want to admit that the clothes are too tight for her (^^;

I think it is a good idea for her to get some exercise, write a funny senryu, and laugh her worries away!


Source: Curves Japan



This is JAPAN Style!


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