Cheap, Quick and Yummy!! Kushikatsu World in Osaka

Coming to Japan may not be very cheap depending on how far away you live from Japan, but you may well not need to worry as there are a wide variety of “B-class gourmet” in Japan.  Today, I would like to introduce some of Kushikatsu shops from Kushikatsu world in Shinsekai, Osaka!


Kushikatsu Jan Jan (official website)

2-4-16 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka



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This place has over 100 types (!) of unique kushi products including spicy cod roe (100 yen or approx. US$ 1.00) and cheese (130 yen).  Personally speaking, I have never tried skewered deep-fried spicy cod row myself, but this place has even more unusual kushi, which is scorpion kushi!  Scorpion kushi may not be available depending on stock availability in market, but there are less challenging one such as takoyaki kushi.  According to an article, Jan jan seems to be offering special grilled squid kushi (350 yen) with original blend of bread crumble to support local professional baseball club, Hanshin Tigers.  Classic kushikatsu itself is of course, great, but I’m sure 100 types will surely let you find several favourites from their collection, so why not try this place? 🙂


Japan Ichiban Kushikatsu restaurant Yokozuna

2-4-11 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka


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Situated not very far from the 1st place at all (so no excuse not visiting place if you go to the first one:-)), this place also seems to offer nice and crispy kushikatsu, which is triple as big as normal one.  It seems this place is well-known for 3m –long kushikatsu previously made on Shinsekai event for Guinness record using 4m big pan!  This was purely made for the festival, so sadly, you cannot have this as a daily trial during your stay…  But you don’t have to upset yet.  Yokozuna also seems to offer beautiful chanko hot pot, so it will be lovely to visit on a cold winter day!

There are many more yummy shops and restaurant offering very reasonable food in Osaka, so please visit there if you have time in Japan!


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