No Need to Mix Up at All? Tasty Natto Products from Natto Specialty Shop

Natto can be the most hated Japanese food overseas, but believe me, it goes well with almost everything such as rice, soba, miso soup and omelette!  According to an article I found today, there is an interesting natto specialty company in Japan.


Japanese natto

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This company not only sell wide variety of natto, they also have a special restaurant to serve their natto products.  But why they started natto specialty restaurant??

According to an executive of the company, they used to be a natto manufacturer and supplied their natto to hotels in Yamanashi Pref.  As their natto earned popularity among hotel users as a one of the best natto in Japan, they decided to have a branch in Tokyo, which serves their lovely natto products in eat-in area.

Of course, as they are natto specialty shop, they sell unique natto food such as natto bibimbap, natto shogayaki, and baked natto doughnuts.


Japanese doughnuts

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*This is just an image of doughnut, and not an actual picture of natto doughnut.


Natto doughnut??  I like natto myself, but I cannot imagine how natto doughnut will taste like??

According to the article, it is softer and springier than usual doughnuts and very tasty.  Well, as natto is also soy beans, it should be ok?? 🙂

FYI, the most popular menu in the natto restaurant is all-you-can-eat style natto course, which provides several types of natto including edamame natto and sesami natto.

Aww, I would love to try edamame one!  It must be so nice  o(><)o.


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