Aichi Pref Adopts Moe Characters for Local PR


Recently in Japan, using “moe” mascot characters for community revitalization is becoming a trend. Aichi prefecture created some PR videos for Chita peninsula. A group of twelve moe characters called “Chita Musume” (musume=girls) guide viewers through interesting places and local specialties of the Chita peninsula by turns.

This moe style PR video series has become very popular since being introduced in April of this year, and has been accessed 170,000 times in the past five months! Aichi prefecture is surprised at the unexpected popularity.

In the videos, each Chita Musume plays on the premise that she is having a date with the viewer. This is the prominent feature of these PR videos. You can enjoy a pseudo-romance with Chita Musume (^^;;) Well, let’s see one of these segments. By the way, the name of the main character girl in the pink jacket is Chita Miruku.



Did you like it (^^)? Aichi prefecture says that there are likes and dislikes about moe characters, but it’s also true that they are gathering attention from a wide variety of people. Chita Musume was created by an NPO organization called End-Goal, and their CD and comics will come to market soon!




This is JAPAN Style!