Homemade Vital Drink Recipes

If you feel fatigue or have cold, try these homemade vital drinks!


Amazake & Milk

Amazake is a sweet drink made from fermented rice and rich in amino and vitamins.

In Heian Period (794-1185), adding milk to amazake was popular.

An enzyme in amazake breaks up the lactose in milk and makes it easy to digest.


Photo by ojaga


Cure Cold! Umeboshi Drink

This is Japanese old recipe too.

Burn umeboshi (dried ume plum) and mix with finely cut garlic and green onion in a mug cup. Pour hot water into it.

Garlic and green onion warm body and have sterilizing power. Burned umeboshi helps to cure sore throat and fever.


Kinako in Tonyu (Soy Powder in Soy Milk)

Mix 1 tbs of kinako (soy powder) and syrup into tonyu (soy milk).

Drink it up before the powder settle out!


Source: Tui Tui


This is JAPAN Style!