The Preferred Uniforms of Japanese Women

It is not unusual to see Japanese wearing uniforms in many walks of life. Uniforms look nice, and can strongly attract people. A survey asked 538 Japanese twenty-something women; “What uniform would you be most likely to wear?”


Top choice: Flight Attendant – 36.8%

Needless to say, cabin attendants’ uniforms look very attractive, don’t they!? For Japanese young women, a flight attendant seems to exemplify the cool, smart, and good-looking working women. It must be one of the most popular occupations in your country as well(^^).


Second place: Maiko – 32.7%


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“Maiko” are apprentice geiko (called geisha in Tokyo). Usually after graduating from junior-high school, girls become maiko and start learning how to perform dances, songs, and play the shamisen (a Japanese musical instrument with three strings). Maiko wear very colorful and decorative kimono with long sleeves and obi.


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They wear red and white patterned under-kimono to show their pale necks very beautifully. There are many different maiko hair styles depending on a girl’s age and seniority. Young maiko arrange their hair more elaborately and wear more hair accessories than mature maiko. Maiko style outfits are popular because they are very traditional and feminine.


Third place: Miko – 30.3%


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“Miko” are maidens in the service of Shinto. You can see them assisting with ceremonies or events at Sinto shrines.They wear red garments called hakama over white kimono. Hakama come in two varieties; one is trouser style, the other is skirt style. The miko uniforms are popular because they are simple, very lovely, and give the wearer a somewhat holy feeling. Miko is also preferred by characters in anime or cosplay.

Do you have any particular uniform that you would like to try to wear (^^)?




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