Wasabi Stories vol.159: “Keep in Mind To be the Central Player”


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“Keep in Mind To be the Central Player”

Today’s story teller is [W:Shinichi Kitaoka], a professor at [W:Tokyo university].

He often asks his students: “What would you do if you were…”

For example, when he is discussing about current news, he does not focus on conventional view, but his student’s opinions and judgment.

Kitaoka says that it does not matter whether the answer is correct or incorrect, it is important for them to have the basic knowledge and utilize the knowledge.



About 20 years ago, he was told by a well-known critic that he was always up at bat.

He thought it was an honor. He says, “Nobody gets serious till they take the responsibility for things. There will be no development if you rely on the others. You make progress by making mistakes, just like being at bat and keep mishitting or striking out in baseball till you become good at hitting a ball.”




The students at a seminar made ‘Shinichi Kitaoka sayings’ for him and at the head of it was ‘Be at bat!’

He was pleased to learn that his students understood his thoughts.


The NIKKEI 12/17/2009 by Shinichi Kitaoka (a professor at Tokyo University)



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