Top 5 Courses Japanese Parents Want Their Children to Take

Kids taking courses after school hours has been very popular in Japan like other Asian countries, and I assume children nowadays are probably having more courses than our generations.  I found an article which writes about what kind of courses Japanese parents nowadays want their children to take.

A survey was conducted targeting female in their 20s and 30s to see what kind of courses/ lessons future mothers are interested in introducing to their children.  As a result, 95% of those ladies answered that they would indeed up for sending their kids to some courses if they have a kid.

And here is the top 5 courses future mums would like their child to take!

For boys, swimming club is the most popular course, which is followed by English course, calligraphy, baseball/football and piano.


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On the other hand, 1st place for girls was piano lesson, and 2nd and others were calligraphy, English class, swimming and ballet.


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I was quite surprised that swimming came first putting baseball and football in the 4th place for boys, but it seems future mums are interested in letting their child do some full body exercise.  When it comes to girls, leaning how to play a piano was the top course, but this was either a) because they were also learned how to play a piano and they found it forth learning or b) because learning how to play a piano was their dream in their childhood

When it comes to calligraphy and English courses, it seems this was basically based on their experience and their regret that they didn’t take the course when they were younger.

I’m kind of glad that cram school isn’t in the list although many kids will go there anyway… Lol


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