New Trend in Summer This Year is Cold Pot Ramen Noodle

There are many local specialty ramen all over Japan, but today, I would like to introduce an article about the cold ramen of Yamagata prefecture.

Hiyashi Ramen or cold ramen noodle is a specialty food of Yamagata, and it has gradually been spreading all over Japan, and now you can find some cold ramen shop even in Tokyo.  And interestnigly, the article indicates that an instant ramen manufacturer developed instant cold pot noodle.


Cold ramen

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※This is not an image of the actual product, but general image picture of cold ramen.


But when you say instant pot noodle, you usually pour very hot water, don’t you?  How can you make cold one easily…??

Well, according to the article, you first have to pour hot water, which is exactly the same with normal method, but then, drain hot water after 5 minutes, pour cold water with soup and ingredients sachet and done!!  If you add ice cubes, the noodle will be even nicer and colder.

Wow, this must be best suited for hot and humid Japanese summer~(^^)  For your information, flavours available are salt with chicken, fish, seaweed stock as well as hot and spicy jjigae flavour.  Also, the price seems to be 200 yen (US$2.5).

Personally speaking, I have only tried soy based cold ramen before, so I ‘m interested in both of them~. Salt sounds good enough but maybe spicy jjigae is more appealing to me, so I shall buy and try them sometimes♪


By the way, I also love pasta, but are there lots of instant pot noodle (for example, is there cup pasta or instant cold pasta) in oter countries??  Please let us know about summer food in your country, too!  😛


Source: Walker Plus


This is JAPAN Style!