Water Cycling Futon for Hot Summer Night


Waterbeds have been in the market for a long time, but water cycling futon might be a new thing.

This summer, a Japanese bed maker FRANCEBED launched “Reidan Shiki Pad (Cool/Warm Four Season Pad),” which is a quilted pad with silicon tubes inside.

750cc water circulates in the tubes and generates the temperature (15 to 48 degree centigrade) in the bed. You can use it cool in summer and warm in winter.



It’ll be good for those who don’t like air conditioner or fan. According to the maker, it is electricity saver compare with air conditioner. Since we are saving electricity in Japan, the orders for the pad poured in. But the price is not so reasonable. It is 49,800 yen (US$650)!!! 😯


Reidan Shiki Pad Website (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!