Sectional Open-Air Bath Made of Hinoki

Taking an open-air bath is one of the Japanese people’s enjoyments. But I had never seen a sectional open-air bath like this before!





It is called “open-air bath kit” and produced by Auvelcraft in [W:Aichi Prefecture].

Because it is a knockdown bathtub, it can be taken for camping or used in a yard.


rotenburo rotenburo


The tub is made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress), which has cedar-like aroma; good for relaxation to relief stress.

According to the company, because the water heated with a firewood boiler, the water clusters are broken down by far infrared radiation, and the water gets smoother.

Unlike plastic hot bath tub, this Hinoki bath tub is a Japanese style bath that is blend into nature.

It is going to be cool to take it to a mountain and take a bath in greens. Maybe mountain monkeys find it interesting (^_^)


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



This is JAPAN Style!


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