The Japan Pill Harmonic: a new alternative medicine?


It is probably not only the Japanese Philharmonic which has been distressed for more and more people distance themselves from classical music. When traveling abroad I once went to a classical concert named a “jeans concert” which was apparently meant to appeal to young people to come to the hall without following a traditional dress code but simply enjoy classical music.



This product was born out of such orchestra’s hope to make people understand why the classical music should exist; classical music can be a healing tool. Each package (in above picture) which looks like a drug envelop contains a MP3 datum in a micro SD card. On each package there is a prescription for a symptom such as “for constipation”, “for sleeping difficulty” or “for relaxation”.


The price setting is not yet finalized but “Pill Harmonic” is due to be released in this autumn.


This is JAPAN Style!