Japanese Craftwork: Wooden Jacket for iPhone 5 Ukiyoe Sharaku



A case for iPhone5 with wood inlay craftwork on the polycarbonate jacket using only natural wood. Wood inlay is a craftwork technique of creating patterns and pictures by repeating the process of inlaying some piece of wood in various colors to the holes in the base plate. This is a beautiful sophisticated handmade artwork crafted by Japanese woodwork craftsman.

Your iPhone5 would be a stylish item in your important scene by adding the Japanese traditional taste on it. The entire item looks sophisticated with the tree selection diagram in a paulownia box; it would be pleased as a present  😉




Polycarbonate (PC)
Wooden (Horse Chestnut, Lignitized Katsura Tree, Macropoda Holly, Bitterwood, Machilus, Yew, Black Persimmon)


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This is JAPAN Style!