Dried Flower Girls

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Have you ever heard of the term dried flower girl (“dry flower joshi”)? Probably you have not. It literally refers to a girl who has given up on being attractive or keeping a positive romantic outlook. Being a dried flower girl is much easier than maintaining beauty as a “fresh flower”. Watering is not necessary for dried flowers. But unfortunately once flowers become dry, their freshness can never be revived…


Here are ten checkpoints for dried flower girl. How many describe you or someone you know?

1. You (or someone you know) have been single for over two years.

2. You spend time with female friends or alone most weekends.

3. You can’t remember the last time you went out with male friends.

4. Your heart rarely flutters.

5. There is no excitement at work/school. (No feast for your eyes)

6. You prefer women-only parties .

7. You ignore opportunities to socialize with or talk to men.

8. Using make-up bothers you and you don’t care about going out barefaced.

9. It’s been more than six months since you bought new clothes or cosmetics.

10. You have nothing to do with love affairs anymore. (You gave them up already.)


More than four points gives you the title of “dried flower girl”. According to the list, are you a dried flower girl? Or, did you find any dried flower girls around you? 😉


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