Manga Plates

Gee-yaaaah!! OMG! Death cry of fish (T_T;)?


Today, I would like to introduce some unique artistic works called “manga plates” created by a designer Mika Tsutai. Her idea is very simple (but epoch-making). She prints concentrated lineworks or onomatopoeic words from Japanese manga on white plates. And she puts real food on these plates. Don’t you feel just like you are reading 3D manga (^^)? Food looks more lively and vivid than on normal everyday plates.

Let’s see some of these manga plates!



Did you like manga plates? I like them all! But if I had to chose just one, I would chose the plate with a fist and drop an egg on it lol. How about you (^^)? Mika Tsutai studied product design in college and created these plates as her graduation work. She is so talented!  I hope she keeps creating exciting products 😀


Source: Manga Plates


This is JAPAN Style!