Man who Makes Anime Figures out of Toothpicks


The videos of a man making toothpick anime figures have been popular in Niconico Douga (Japanese major video site). The artist is a Niconico user, Souki, who used to post paper-crafts videos but when other users rivaled each other in making miniaturized Hatsune Miku, a vocaloid character, he started making figures out of toothpicks to make the smallest figure among all.



The figure is only 1 cm long.

In the video below, you can see the process.

First he makes a rough sketch of the figure.

And then he carves the head part, legs, shirt, and skirt in order.

Arms and twin tails are made separately. He carves the parts as thin as possible to make it light.

After sanding it with very fine sand paper, he colors it and glues the parts together.



Compared with 1 yen coin with a diameter of 2 cm, the figure looks so tiny. He even made a smaller figure “Tako Luka.” This is only 5 mm !






He says that he doesn’t make plan too much when he starts making it because the top priority is to have fun.


This is JAPAN Style!