[Japan after Quake] Support East Japan!! CYCLE AID JAPAN 2013

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A year and a half passed after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.  We can see that media coverage of the earthquake and its impact are gradually declining in general, and it is worrying if people’s interest gradually wanes off.  In order to keep the affected areas in people’s mind and support the area by bringing people to the areas as much as possible, a cycling event was held in East Japan area.

CYCLE AID JAPAN 2013 was held in the beginning of June this year, following its success of the first year in 2012. The event has long and medium length cycling courses set in Iwate pref, Miyagi pref and Fukushima pref.  Good thing about this cycling event is that it aims to raise money to support construction of those affected areas through the event, but also helps participants to enjoy great nature and scenery of the region.

When it comes to this kind of sports event, those who are not confident in sports activity can be kind of discouraged to join, but this event has two types of course for people; approx. 75 to 105km long course and approx. 45 to 74km medium course.  Also, the cycling event is purely set up to support reconstruction of the area, not as a race, so candidates can enjoy cycling the area at their own pace.

Ah, brilliant!  This way, even I can join with no hesitation 🙂  Good news is that you can also have some great specialty food provided at cyclist aid section!

FYI, 1 day ride fee costs 6,500 yen (US$66) and 2 days ride cost 11,500yen (US$117) for both long and medium courses this year, and 10yen per 1k worth of money was donated to the area.


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Source: CYCLE AID JAPAN official website


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