Shoulder-Mounted Robot

I found an interesting robot on YouTube. It’s a shoulder-mounted avatar with a camera, a microphone, and a speaker for remote communication.



“With video chat, people can communicate face to face over a long distance. But the problem is that going out or shopping together can prove difficult. With this system, the person who’s going out carries an avatar on their shoulder, so the other person can operate the avatar to look around freely. This can provide an experience just like going shopping or having a date with the other person.”



It sounds good for lovers in a long distance relationship. They don’t have to feel lonely any more. How about in a business situation? What would you think if your boss comes on your business trips as the avatar!? Maybe you couldn’t relax (^^;;  You’d better turn the switch off, call your boss and say “Sorry! But something’s wrong with the robot. Maybe you can’t accompany with me this time.” 😛


Source: YouTube and DIGINFO TV


This is JAPAN Style!