Foo Dog with Sweet Eyes

Let me introduce a blog post from a unique blog site that I read often. The topic is a foo dog of Dazaifutenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka.

Foo dog is a Japanese imaginary animal which looks like a lion or a dog. You usually see 2 foo dogs facing each other stationed at the sides of a shrine or temple entrance.

Japanese foo dog

This is Dazaifutenmangu temple. The temple is dedicated to Michizane Sugawara.
Since Michizane Sugawara is the god of academic achievements,
they have a lot of visitors especially before entrance examination season.
The temple’s foo dog has sweet eyes.


Japanese foo dog

The sweet eyes, they are so sweet that they make you shy to talk straightforward.
Originally, foo dogs have sweet eyes, but the big black eyes of this foo dog make look even sweeter.


Japanese foo dog

This is a picture with a closer look.


Japanese foo dog

They look like this when you get more closer.


Well, I am surprised to see a foo dog with such big black eyes. Indeed they are sweet and humorous. ^_^

Please visit the temple when you have a chance to visit Fukuoka.


Source: Daily Portal Z


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