New Trend in Japanese Wedding Receptions

Japanese wedding reception is a mixture of Japanese tradition and western influence. It is commonly held at a western style reception hall with round tables, and bride and groom sit on a stage against gold folding screens.


(CC BY-SA 3.0) Photo by Hanezu16


Receptions are usually very organized, and typical entertainments include cake cutting ceremony, candle lighting ceremony.

According to a wedding planner coach, the latest trend is adding a little surprise to the classic.


– Message-Coming-up Candle Lighting

Bride and groom light the candles in glasses on the guest tables. At a sign from the toastmaster, the guests put lids on the candles. The lid reacts on heat and handwritten message from bride and groom appears on it.


-“Last Bite” instead of “First Bite”

After cake cutting ceremony, bride and broom usually feed the cake each other as “first bite.” But lately, there is also “last bite” from mothers to children! It is an act of gratitude to their mothers who fed them good meals.


ケーキ入刀 by コウフクロウ


Although big surprises that impress the guest  were popular a decade ago, now it is about how to send thanks to the families and friends who come to celebrate the couple’s happy start without loosing their purse strings.


Source: Excite News


This is JAPAN Style!