Tokyo Souvenirs “I Found Tokyo Banana”

tokyo banana

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“Tokyo Banana Mitsuketa (I found Tokyo Banana)” is one of the most popular souvenirs from Tokyo. It is a sponge cake filled with banana flavored custard cream. It tastes good and I think anyone who likes banana would like it.


tokyo banana

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There are some variations of Tokyo Banana.


Chocolate sponge version

tokyo banana

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tokyo banana

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Pie biscuit

tokyo banana

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Wagashi (Japanese sweet) version

tokyo banana

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Everything looks good!

But why banana? Banana is not specialty of Tokyo.

Grape Stone, the manufacturer of Tokyo Banana, explains why they chose banana. “Because Tokyo is a city where people at different ages who have different occupations and native places are mingled; therefore, we had wanted to use a food which anyone is familiar with. And then, we came up with ‘banana.’

Anyone has sweet memories of banana. For elderly people, it was the fruit which they longed for when they were young because it was rare fruit. For adults, it was the fruit that they took for school trips. For young people, it is the most familiar fruit.”

Tokyo Banana series is sold at train stations, airports, tourist sites, in Tokyo.


Tokyo Banana shop

tokyo banana

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Tokyo Banana Kurobe (Black version) shop

tokyo banana

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While many Japanese specialty foods are unique, this is a food that anyone from any country can enjoy. So, add Tokyo Banana in your Tokyo souvenirs list!


Source: Excite News (Japanese)


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