Share Box Project

For women, dressing up is very important. Just wearing their favorite clothes and accessories can make them happy (*^_^*).

However in disaster stricken areas, it is still very difficult to enjoy fashion. Even under hard conditions, women should enjoy what they like. With the circumstances, an interesting project called “Share Box Project” made a start.


The Share Box Project team collects clothes and accessories from all over Japan and send them to women in areas affected by the events of 3/11. So far, it doesn’t sound unusual at all. So, what makes this project special? While second hand stuff is usually not welcome, they accept not only new clothes but also used things.

Staff members possessing good taste choose items with total fashion coordination, thinking of trends and clients’ favorite styles (applicants let them know their size, age, and favorite styles in advance). The members in charge of coordination are fashion pros such as sales clerks, so women can expect high quality coordinating from Share Box. I hope this project will make women under hard conditions happy more and more!


Source: Excite News


This is JAPAN Style!