Shall We Make Chocolate Rich Pocky?


As you surely know, this is the chocolate covered snack called “Pocky”. Pocky and snacks similar to it are popular worldwide.

But one day, a blogger decides the chocolate-coating part is simply too thin. “How can I make it more satisfying? “, he thinks 🙁


And what he did was grab some chocolate bars, as expected ^^;
His challenge begins!


He slices the chocolate bars into pieces with a knife.


To melt the chocolate, he puts the pieces into a saucepan,
and then sets it in a larger pan of hot water.


Wow! Looks yummy 😀 😀 😀


He pours the melted chocolate into a plastic bottle
(the top part is cut off).


Dip a stick of Pocky.


The chocolate is too soft to stay on the center pretzel part (x_X)


He rotates the stick to make the chocolate cool and solid.
But it seems quite difficult. Haha (^^;;


Now, he tries to make the chocolate harden in cold water.
I don’t think it is very good idea though….


See? Too soggy.
Creating chocolate-rich Pocky seems to be kind of difficult.
And what he prepared as a last resort is this…


A corn dog! But why??


OMG! Now he’s coating the corn dog with chocolate.
It’s not Pocky any more!!


It’s a “chocolate-rich pocky looking chocolate coated corn dog”.


How complicated… On his blog he claims it tastes good, but I’m not totally convinced. How about you ;)?


Source: Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!