Movie Made with Text Editor


This Niconicodouga (video sharing site) user made an amazing movie with a text editor! Using about 3,200 pages of text file, he reproduced a promotion video of Monster Hunter 3, which is one of the CAPCOM’s fantasy action role-playing game series.

This is the video. When you watch it, step back a few steps for better optical effect. If you wear glasses, take them off, so it will look nice and blur.




The viewers sound pretty impressed leaving comments like “WOW,” “cool,” “great” and “shocked me.” In the creator’s comment, it says that he captured the each page and played 15 pages per second. It doesn’t say how he made it but it is sure that he used some kind of a program to adopt the actual image into text. Still, it must’ve taken a long time to make this movie, and this idea is very creative and shows his love toward the game.
If you want to see the original PV, watch the video below. It shows the movie and the original PV at the same time to compare.




This is JAPAN Style!