Japanese Sendai Sakunami Hina Doll Kokeshi Set

 sendai kokeshi hina doll


A set of two Hina-Kokeshi dolls. “Hina Matsuri (Doll’s Festival)”, a Japanese traditional event began with the play with dolls in ancient times. On the day, people decorate the dolls and wish healthy growth of girls. It’s said that the Hina dolls have a role to take any misfortunes, troubles or disasters. The Hina-Kokeshi dolls are Hina dolls crafted in Kokeshi style. Craftsmen made these dolls carefully and politely one by one. All of these are made to order handmade.

* Craftworker: Hiroshi Kano, award for technical merit in Sendai city (Sendai Sakunami-style)


sendai kokeshi hina doll


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This is JAPAN Style!