Definitions of Beauty


Japanese woman


The appearances of people vary according to their races. And sometimes countries or cultures have their own definitions of beauty. So, it is kind of difficult to define universal criteria of beauty. The other day a Japanese TV program featured a survey spanning seventeen countries titled “which country has the most beautiful women?”


Here is the ranking list! Let’s take a look (^^)

1) Brazil: Healthy and naturally beautiful.

2) Russia: The Caucasus region is well known as “the origin of beauties”.

3) America: It’s a multiracial nation and has a wide range of beauties. Women with lovely teeth and high cheek bones are often defined as beautiful.


These are quite agreeable even for us. However, there are many criteria which sound strange to Japanese because they are too different from our definitions of beauty.

Here are some examples.


[Republic of Cuba] Hairy women are more attractive and sexy there. (In Japan, most women try diligently to get rid of their body hair!)

[Republic of Cote d’Ivoire] In this country, plump women are more beautiful. There are even products such as body cream to enhance fat or hip pads to make hips look wider. (In Japan, slim girls with small hips are preferred)

[Sri Lanka] Well-rounded women are beautiful there as well. Well-rounded bodies seem to be regarded as a reflection of health/prosperity.

[Republic of Tajikistan] A thick monobrow (sometimes called a unibrow, too) is sexy in this country. (In Japan, women usually tim their eyebrows)

[Republic of Senegal] Women who have a slight gap between their front teeth are considered beautiful.

[India] Nose studs and/or rings make women look more attractive in this country. (In Japan, women seldom wear nose studs. They are only for certain kinds of women such as rock musicians…)


How is beauty defined in your country?