Stapler without Staples “Harinacs” by Kokuyo

Harinacs is a stapler that can bind papers without staples. It has been well received since the first model was released by a Japanese office products manufacture Kokuyo in December 2009.



How can Harinacs bind papers without staples? As you can see in the picture above, the papers have holes and knots next them. There is a tongue like cutter on the binder, and when you punch papers, it knots the notch up.


*There is usually a plastic cover around the cutter.


There are handy type and 2-hole type. The handy type can bind 4 sheets while the 2-hole type can bind 10 sheets.

The good things about Harinacs are that you don’t have to buy staples, and the papers bound with Harinacs can be shredded in a shredder. Also it is children and pets safe and safe to be used in a kitchen.

In Japan, when we throw stapled papers, we have to separate the staples and papers, but with this binder, we can cut the trouble.

According to Kokuyo, it doesn’t hold papers as well as staplers but when you bind at one corner it holds well if you punch twice at right angles.

The retail price is 1,155 yen (US$13).


This is JAPAN Style!