Get Laundry Discount with Twitter!? Japanese Twitter Use Business: Part1

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Recently, the most heard computer topic in Japan is twitter.

Including various media such as TV, magazine, newspaper, twitter is introduced and the users have been increasing.

I am, of course, a twitter user and have two accounts; one for JAPAN Style and one for Japanese.

As twitter gets popular, it gets used in businesses more often, but never so uniquely like this laundries campaign, where the laundries in all parts of the country give discounts to customers in a designed period.

It’s not only one laundry chain but several stores team up together for the campaign, which I think rare in any business.

The all laundries joining this campaign are super famous and have introduced through TV shows or on newspapers.


In Japan, April is the time for changing of clothes, and from April first, customers who bring clothes to the affiliated laundries, they can get 20% off.

To actually get the discount, customers have to bring the printed out coupon or say “waribiki now” to a laundryman at a store.

About 40 laundries got affiliated so far, and there will be more by April.

The laundries can be located by Google map.


より大きな地図で ころもがえなう を表示


Wow, it’s great!


Is twitter used often in business in your country?

If I found another unique use of twitter, I will share it with you again (^_^)


Reference: koromogae now (Japanese)


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