Interesting Way to Release Stress

Today, I would like to introduce an article which wrote about how Japanese people release there stress.

An website had a survey on stress releasing method of Japanese businessmen, targeting 300 businessmen live in Tokyo area.

As a result, the most popular solution was ‘to sleep as much as possible’, and the 2nd place went to ‘ enjoy sport’.  Also, the 3rd place was ‘eat as much as possible’, which was followed by ‘enjoy and relax in bath’ in the 4th place.


Japanese bath

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The result sounds very normal.  On the other hand, how they release their stress when they are working is…

Top answer was ‘to have some cups of coffee and sweets’, and the 2nd popular answer was ‘to go to toilet’.  I understand that you feel like you need caffeine or sugar when you are stressed and tired, but toilet…?  You mean, here comes toilet sleeper again…??? 😯


morning coffee

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Also, some interesting answers include ‘to do a handstand in a common room with tatami mat’, ‘to call my wife’, ‘to scream with some mysterious language so that nobody would understand’ and ‘to dash upstairs’…Lol

Well, calling to wife sounds a bit sweet, but unfortunately, handstand and dashing up may not be effective for me~lol.  But when you say you scream with some mysterious language, you yourself can be so refreshed, but people will see you as a dangerous lad… (-_-;)


What do you think?

Please let us know about your best way to release stress~ 🙂


Source: web R25


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