Japanese “Sakura” Cherry Blossom Songs

Photo by なおすけ

Cherry blossom buds are about to open in Tokyo. The Japan’s symbolic flower will soon color the streets and parks with the beautiful pink petals.
Sakura, cherry blossom in Japanese, is a very special flower to Japanese people, because it blooms during “end and new beginning” season, which is end of March and early April (Japan’s school and fiscal year begins in April and ends in March). Although Cherry blossom blooming period is slightly different by regions and climates, sakura commonly brings sentimental feelings to Japanese people like goodbye sadness, excitement of a new beginning, or some people overlap falling sakura petals with their relationships.

There are many sakura themed songs in Japan. The followings are the current top 10 (there are two #10) sakura songs.

 “Sakura Song Ranking 2011” by Oricon
#1: “Sakura” Ketsumeishi
#2: “Sakura” Kobukuro
#3: “Sakura (solo)” Naotaro Moriyama
#4: “Sakura” Ikimonogakari
#5: “Sakura -zaka” Masaharu Fukuyama
#6: “Sakura Sake” Arashi
#7: “Sakura no Ki ni naro” AKB48
#8: “Sakura no toki” aiko
#9: “Sakura no hanabira tachi” AKB48
#10: “Sakura Girl” NEWS

“Sakura (solo) by Naotaro Moriyama” English Sub

“Sakura by Ikimonogakari” English translation

 This list is just a part of all Japanese sakura songs. You’ll be amazed to see how many sakura songs in a Japanese karaoke book (^_^)

Oricon (9 March 2011 )(http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/special/2011/graduation0309/index2.html)