“Whatever” Cats

These cats are so quiet! The owner put things on their heads and paws but they are like “Whatever.”
They are the mascot cats of a Japanese photo blog “Kago-neko (Basket Cat).” Since their videos were posted on Youtube, they have been making the viewers smile (^_^)

They are found at shironekoshiro’s channel on Youtube. Here are some of the videos.

“Cups of Noodle on Heads”

“Mikan (mandarin oranges) on Paws”

“Cans on Head”

This white cat is 9 years old and the oldest one in the four cats. His name is Shiro, meaning white in English. He loves to be in a basket, so do the younger ones!
“Shiro in a Basket”

“Don’t Take My Basket!”

They are so cute and peaceful!
The cats live in Iwate prefecture, where the major earthquake hit two weeks ago. But the blog has been updated everyday, so they seem to be fine.

Link: Kago-neko Blog (http://kagonekoshiro.blog86.fc2.com/) (Japanese)