Japanese Students Made Armsuit like Skeletonics


Japanese student team Skeletonics Production Committee made “action-extend” suit, named Skeletonics, which a combined word of skeleton and mechanics.

End of the last month, they announced the completion of the suit on their blog. They said it took 6 months to finish it. On Nico Nico Douga (video sharing site), they posted the video showing how they made it and some demonstrations. (The following video is on YouTube.)



Concept: “No motive power besides human power.” And “Expand the limbs’ action twofold.”

Materials: Aluminum frames, board, steel pipes, etc.


Isn’t it cool? Can’t believe it was made by students for hobby. It even has fingers and a shooter. It kind of reminds me the film Iron Man (^_^)

Many viewers left comments saying “Cool!” “I want to wear it too!” “Good  job!” Skeletonics Production Committee answered “Thank you. Something like this may produced in large quantities. But we don’t absolutely want to make another one LOL. We made it for fun most importantly rather than practicability, so nothing makes us happier than  making people smile with the suit.”


Source: Project Skeletonics Blog


This is JAPAN Style!