Panda Fever on Hold…


The other day, Ueno Zoo welcomed two pandas from China (^^).  This story takes place just before the arrival. One blogger went to Ueno to witness the panda fever there!


At first, she stopped at the signboard of the zoo.
There must be a lot of information about pandas. Ummm…


Panda? No, this is a hippo.
Where is the information about pandas?


No information about pandas…
Let’s go check the next place.


This is a cafe near the zoo.
Can you see many panda stickers on the windows?
They must have some special panda menu!  Let’s go closer.


Here it is!
They have special panda menu items^^


Panda curry                                                  Panda latte                                   Panda cake


A souvenir shop selling many kinds of panda goods.


Wow! This panda strap is kawaii (cute).


In Ueno there is a famous statue of a man, Takamori Saigo, with a dog.
Maybe now he is with a panda also!?


No, he isn’t…


Let’s go check inside of the zoo!


A shop selling panda-shaped sweets.
No matter if there are pandas at the zoo or not, they’ve kept selling the panda-shaped sweet.


The house for the pandas is still surrounded by tall fences.
This site will be the center of “panda fever” after they debut.


Here is a bit of petit panda fever.
People take photos with a huge panda doll instead of the real animals ^^


People in Ueno don’t seem very excited about pandas yet. The pandas are scheduled to show up around the end of this month. The panda fever is going to be much bigger by then!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!